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This is where ideas are stress-tested and sometimes tested to destruction against fast-breaking realities. There were opportunities everywhere, but risks, oh my! Americans need to know how Putin has taken over the Oligarchs' businesses and now has compete control of the media, the key industries, and natural resources. We need to be aware of how such a foreign leader can use these same tactics to infiltrate our democracy. This is an exceptional work of history. This is a must read to even try to understand modern Russia.

As an American, I never heard any of this 'inside story'. Can't wait for the detailed 'inside story' on Putin! Overall informative and interesting book though a bit drawn out at times. Ignore the trolls tripping over themselves that the narrator can't say the Russian names. The narrator is clearly not a native Russian speaker but does as good a job pronouncing names as you'd expect an English speaker to do and overall his performance is good. Such a great book. Facts very well distributed over each chapter.

A never old history of changes in Russia. And coming from Albania it makes the book more interesting for me. A lot of connections between the changes in the two countries. The author offers a comprehensive story of an amazing period of Russian history. Unfortunately the whole thing is ruined by the narrator's total lack of ability to pronounce the names of people and places correctly, or even consistently. I winced my way through 22 hours of what was otherwise an epic narrative.

Shocking, truly shocking. Would you consider the audio edition of The Oligarchs to be better than the print version? The books tells the detailed story of what exactly happened to Russia's economy and state before and after the end of Soviet era. The book goes from the first realizations the system was failing, the reforms that unleashed a torrent of money-making initiatives, legal or not, and the intricated web of the 90s when state, oligarchs and media were all involved in complex and shady financial schemes while competing for power.

It is a very wide and intricate string of events to relate in a single book.

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Nevertheless, the author manages to treat it with depth and clarity, either in a narration from a 'person' perspective or the explanation of nationwide changes and financial operations. Very interesting read to finally make sense of the history of Russia at that period.

A good book that gives an account of some of the Russian oligarchs antics, fascinating. Excellent reading of book whivh is very well written and researched.

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Starts well with intersting background material about living in USSR. But found my interest really flagging half way through. Too much detail perhaps and you find it hard to care. Perhaps gets better again towards end, but not sure I will ever get there. Such a great book! Hoffman had close and intimate access to all the power brokers, and shares the stories of quick money, politics, connections over this 10 or so year period as Russia moved from communism to something entirely different.

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Oligarchic Capitalism in Russia: The Past, Present and Future

By: David Hoffman. Narrated by: Steve Coulter. Length: 22 hrs and 50 mins. Categories: History , World. People who bought this also bought Putin's Kleptocracy Who Owns Russia? Ganser Length: 20 hrs and 58 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary A brilliant investigative marrative: How six average Soviet men rose to the pinnacle of Russia's battered economy. Hoffman P Audible, Inc.

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The Oligarchs: Wealth and Power in the New Russia

Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Supreme Chronicle of Murky Times This is by far the best book on this period of Russian history that I have encountered. AndriiShyshkalov No judgment by the author for any side is great no emotions for any side for such a book is very hard, but the author made it. Allen S. Root For all their rapacity, the media wars the oligarchs waged did support a struggling media establishment and provided a spectrum of media outlets. The ends may have been wrong, but the means were of benefit to Russian society.

In the end, oligarchic capitalism did bring a form of pluralism to Russia.

For better or worse, power and wealth were taken from the state and diffused among independent actors. That diffusion is now an established fact that guarantees Russia cannot easily return to its past.

The question for Russia's future is whether these oligarchs will go the way of America's robber barons from a century ago. For David Hoffman, figuring out how to turn a Khodorkovsky into a Rockefeller is key. Whereas the robber barons of America were so successful because they were able to serve as conduits for the immense amounts of capital flowing into the United States, Russia's oligarchs have protected their wealth sending capital abroad.

Big Money in the New Russia | by Robert Cottrell | The New York Review of Books

Of course, the robber barons had 60 years of growth in the United States to learn the benefits of philanthropy and legitimacy; the Russian oligarchs have only had The answer to this last question will have to wait for the future. Downtown Beirut, P. Box Riad El Solh, Lebanon. Carnegie Middle East Center. Sign up for Carnegie Email. Experts Publications Events. Experts Publications.

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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "[Hoffman's] account is the most dramatic and comprehensive yet All Rights Reserved.